Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Road Construction

Reduce expenses, increase durability, reduce maintenance and stay environmentally responsible

Is your company looking for a new approach to road construction, and a way to not only reduce the amount of CO2 produced, but also build roadways that are sustainable, last longer and cost less to construct and maintain?

Download our full article to read about an innovative cellular confinement system, designed to reinforce a road’s base layer and extend its practical lifespan far beyond the current expectations of conventional road construction. Novel Polymeric Alloy Geocell based road construction benefits include:

Reduced construction costs
Lower CO2 emissions
Less gravel and asphalt required
Usage of locally available materials vs costly imported infills
Improved load distribution to reduce rutting

The article includes a case study of the Village of Ryley, a typical rural community with limited budgets that suffered from continuous, recurring and costly road repairs. Find out how they implemented an environmentally friendly solution to improve the durability of its main street that was not only cost-effective to build but will reduce future repair and maintenance costs.

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About the author:
Meisam Nouzouri, M.Sc. Civil Engineering, B.Sc. Civil Engineering, is the principal road designer for Alberta-based Stratum Logics Inc. Meisam wrote his Master’s thesis on pavement performance, and his research papers have appeared in the internationally-recognized Journal of the Transportation Research Board, and the International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology.

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